Scotty was 8 now. Billy had just about forgot that.

They'd stopped at his grandmother's on the way out of his village where his home was. They'd avoided his parents because they'd informed Billy so long ago, they didn't think much of his situation with Newt. It was inevitable to them that it was flat out wrong. But here they were going about the flee market to buy doll clothes for Leia's new baby that had came between Laim being born and a new sibling on the way. She was a very good mum so Newt had promised her if they found anything good on their little trip, he would be sure to bring her back something.

So they'd shopped. Had the famous shepherd's pie at the nearby pub. Finally Billy decided they should at least visit Grandy.

"Well, this is the first I've heard of her." Newt looked at him as he wasn't expecting them to see family on this trip. Just Billy's old haunts. Like the football field by the park that was snow covered and the school he'd gone to as a boy. "How could you? Avoid her so long?"

"Because, Mum would want it that way." Billy winced.

"Nice that you've decided to break some rules." Newt smirked as they waited for someone to answer the door.

"Well, hello!" Her old voice croaked as she gave him a hug. It felt as if she was still right in the head. Then she hugged Newt tightly. "What have done to your hair, Billy?"

Newt almost laughed.

Billy looked at her blankly.

"Grandy? Its me, Billy? That's Newt. We-" He stammered a little. "Live together."

"Boys. Boys. Boys. I used to have lots of boyfriends, you know." She showed them the way into her rock cottage. The floors creaked and it was so dark inside. But a warm fire glowed, and she was dressed in jeans, boots and  thick gray wool sweater to keep her warm.

Newt pressed his lips tight about to laugh, but he didn't. Billy gave him back a grin.

Naturally, she poured a little brandy in shot glasses for them.

"Well, well, what have you two been up to?" She wanted to know. Billy looked at Newt as he got out a picture of Leia.

"Here's my daughter." Naturally, Leia was all smiles and angelic.

"My, she's just an angel!" She took the picture. She tucked it away in a picture frame where other photos were. One next to Billy in his adolescent footballer uniform. "Scotty told me all about her."

"He did?"

"That was ages ago." She went to get out any sweets she had.

"Really, Grandy, you mustn' go to so much trouble." Newt told her.

"Now who's boy, are you?" She looked him over.

"No one's in particular." Newt just smiled.

Billy gritted then.

"He's my friend, Grandy." Billy sighed.

"You have any little ones, to call your own?" Grandy wanted to know as she put her arm around Newt as if she could be his substitute grandmother if he wanted.

"Matter of fact, I do." Newt grinned. He got out a picture of Liam who wasn't quite walking yet, but close.

"He's your spitting image." She took it from him and went to tuck it away with the others. Newt smiled all over as if he hadn't thought she'd take the wallet picture. "My, you're so young, and father, already? Does he live with you?"

"Yes, Liam lives with me and his mother."

"Such a young family, indeed." She shook her head.

"And another on the way." Newt added.

Billy shot him a look to shut it now.

"What in the world do you do, so young?" She stared at him, intently.

"Well, I'm working at the hospital, right now. A nurse, some day, I hope. But the rest of the family helps out a great deal." He told her.

"Not many families like that." She crossed her arms. "Wish Billy had a family like that."

Billy sucked in a breath. He knew Grandy didn't think much of his parents.

Newt just smiled and looked at Billy, letting him know, just how well off he was with out his parents, who wanted nothng to do with him.


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This was sweet. Hopefully, Billy knows how lucky he is. Newt's always great!

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This was so great. I'm glad they saw his grandmother.

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really, a nice one. Loved it!

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生活是鍛鍊靈魂的妙方~~^^ ....................................................

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Wow, I'm glad they have some time to visit with Billy's grandmother.