It was about time they made time for each other. Newt thought he could be studying. But this was more important.

"I didn't want you to think I'd forgot about you." Newt said brightly to Billy on Valentines day morning. "We're spending the whole day with each other." He woke Billy with a kiss.

"When?" Billy looked at him blankly. "Isn't it a snogfest tonight at the Black Cat? I have to be there?"

"No, you don't." Newt  whispered into Billy's ear with a smile.

"I don't?" He looked as if he could use a dozen more 40 winks. As it was, he hadn't gotten home til the wee morning hours. His nights were spent at the Black Cat.

'Um, no. I talked to Col. He's got plenty of help. So it'll be just the two of us." Newt told him.

"Are you completely sure, cause it'll be hopping. A really black hearts, love stinks sensation. Ian and the boys are playing in the underground." Billy looked back at him wincing.

"He assured me." Newt sighed.

Billy turned toward Newt. Finally a proper long snog that ended quite delightful with more kisses as the touching came so a full throttle shag would be in place. How else would they start Valentines day?

"What will we do?" Billy asked afterwards all wrapped up in Newt.

"How about a train ride?" Newt was being mysterious.

"For what? We don't shop." Billy smiled. He got all his clothes from the thrift shops or whatever Colin might decide to give him from his wardrobe that he never wore. Like the black leather jacket Colin wore in his single days.

"We're in a rut," Newt said. "We need a change of scenery."

"I like what I'm seeing right now?" Billy laughed softly.

"I thought we might go back to your village for the day." Newt told him.

"What? No." He shook his head. "I can't. Don't want to see me Mum and Dad."

"We don't have too. I was thinking, food and company. You know, places you liked. That's all." New had his arm around Billy.

"Oh." Billy kissed Newt. "Honestly, I kind of like being right here."

"Well, of course. But lets do something. We must. Besides, its time they let us in that one horse town of yours, don't you think?" Newt said so bravely.

Billy did his best to smile. "I guess so."

"But first. Leia made us treat. Chocolate heart cakes." Newt went to get them on the dresser. They were the size of fat cookies but smothered in chocolate. "Just her way to wish us the best Valentines day."

"Should we take her with us?" Billy looked as if they should.

"She has a Valentines day party to get to. Some other time. This is our Valentines day. Remember?" Newt reminded him as he smashed part of the cake in Billy's mouth.


Holly said...

That sounds like a great time. I hope.

the oaks said...

dunno if going to Billy's village would be the top of my list, though.