a bite in the butt

Josh could barely stand it, to see Simon so depressed. He saw him everyday at work, and yet he felt miles away from him. It was hard to speak to him, about anything. Yet, he knew he had to try.

"So how ya been?" Josh asked him one day, leaning on Simon's desk while he was busy with library records that he needed to get in the system.

"Not, bad. Really." Simon was subdued and didn't smile. Didn't even try.

"You're looking good." Josh nodded. He had to say something sweet. He knew to mention Sid, his baby son. Couldn't let him think he might recent him. It was stupid to keep ignoring him, he knew. But he hadn't any idea what he was suppose to say to his ex, now. After all he had Ste, and things were just dandy for them. Ste had started cooking classes.

"Thanks." Simon was cold though.

"Didn't? Didn't I see you down at the Black Cat with someone, recently?" Josh winced. He'd forgot the bloke's name.

"Just a friend." Simon gave him no more info. He tapped away at his keyboard as if he might be in the middle of a novel.

Josh nodded, thinking in his head, who he might know he could set him up with.

"I'm fine, Josh." Simon finally looked at him. "Really."

"OK." Josh didn't believe it for a second. Couldn't have a good bloke like Simon lonely. Even if he were a single father living with his baby's parents. Just wasn't right. Just wasn't. He was too young for that.


elliestories said...

I think Josh misses him.

meg said...

Simon really is one of a kind.

the oaks said...

I'd still like to see them together again.

Holly said...

funny title.