favors and such

Ste listen quite intently with Quentin at the bar in the Black Cat. He really was still pissed with John Paul. They'd been so close to adopting a baby girl from China.

"I could be a Dad right now." Quentin told him.

Ste just nodded. "Couldn't you have done it, yourself?" Ste wondered why he didn't.

"I suppose." Quentin shrugged.

"Then why, don't you?"  Ste chewed at the tooth pick as he was cleaning at the bar as he served.

"It's lost its spunk right now. I wanted a family, you know. A real family." Quentin winced as he sipped his whiskey and soda.

"Gotcha." Ste slyly smiled. "See, I was thinking, if me and Josh could find us a lass we trust, both have a go at her and well, you know, let it happen, then we could raise the kid as our own."

"There could be some dire consequences, you know." Quentin told him.

"How so?" He couldn't think of it in that noggin of his. Seemed quite simple to him.

"Jealousy." Quentin nodded.

"You don't say." Ste just grinned. What an ugly word, he thought. Still, this was something to think on. Just who would she be who might do him and Josh a favor.


elliestories said...

I'm wondering who ste is thinking about.

fan fic said...

oh, that Ste!

ellie said...

Quentin sounds a little lost right now. Not sure Ste is the one to listen to.

Holly said...

Ste is very interesting..and possibly not the best bartender.

Joellen said...

Love your dialogue!


PS Thank you for the kind words :o)

lily said...

Ste, interesting.

Meg said...

I think it would be very possible for Ste or Josh to be a little jealous, especially if it was obvious who's kid it was.