Paddy really hadn't meant to invite himself over, but he was glad he did. He didn't exactly feel right at home with Ian anymore with Shou showing up. He felt like the 3rd wheel or something. Ian was definitely involved with Shou. Then there were the other guys who kept to themselves. Really, why had he came to Hollyoaks?

He certainly wasn't spending much of it with that snooty brother of his. Somehow, he felt left out of everything, lately. But here he was with Simon. A simple meal and wine.

"Seriously, how did this all come about?" Paddy wanted to know how he had his own place with the mother of his child and her husband.

"Seriously? A very bad New Year's eve party, I'm afraid." Simon confessed. "And the rest is history."

"History." They sat on the couch relaxing with what was left of the wine. Really, it was light and definitely, not going to either of their heads. Just time for a good conversation.

"Tell me, about you?" Simon looked at him.

"I think you can already tell, can't you?" Paddy laughed.

"OK," Simon smiled. "We pretty much know we're both gay. But you know, um, you have a boyfriend?"

"Goodness no." He winced. "I have my mother to care for, or did." He shrugged. "It was all a bit much. She had us when she was rather old, and now she has no memory of us, at all."

"That's so sad." Simon squinted with a tender emotion.

"We just get on with it. I can be silly with her, from time to time still. Some days, anyhow. Guess, I just needed a break, you know. Actually, I met Ian at this bar, and he said I could visit any time, but his boyfriend's back now. And it hasn't gone so well with Maxie." Paddy told him.

"Don't give up on your brother." Simon pushed his fingers back through his hair. "Do you want me to talk to him?"

Paddy shook his head, no. He wished he hadn't brought Maxie up.

"I should go." There was really nothing in Hollyoaks for him.

"No, stay. Its early yet." Simon told him.

"Its a long drive back. It'll be late when I get there." He shrugged.

"What?" Simon looked at him. "You're leaving, town?"

"What's the point?" Paddy winced. "My brother has his happily ever after, and I have a mum I need to get back too."

"I see." Simon stared at him intently. "Its just-" Simon studied paddy's face for a bit. "I wanted to at least do this-" Simon kissed Paddy then. "Before you left."

Paddy couldn't remember the last time he'd been kissed. He felt a bit clumsy, and when he kissed back, he practically fell on Simon.

"Are you sure you should be going anywhere?" Simon slightly teased. "I think you're drunk."

Paddy just smiled and let Simon find his lips, again.


lily said...

I liked that one. Sweet.

ellie said...

They are cute together..and Simon needs cute.

meg said...

I think they need each other.