a moment of desperation

Before Gemma knew it she was downing chicken McNuggets with the new chili sauce at lunch.

"See, nothing to it. I'm famished." Gemma smiled sweetly at Lyle.

"How can you stand that wretched stuff?" Lyle squinted.

"I told you," Gemma stared at him. "I'm famished."

"I still think you should take the test." He looked at her seriously.

"Just to amuse you Is that it?" Gemma slightly fummed. "I'm fine. OK."

"Yeah." He didn't smile though.

"What is it then?" Something was on his mind.

"My mother." He looked back at Gemma then. "She gave me a hard time about this and everything down at the shop." He stole a fry then and bit into it.

Gemma couldn't help but smile then.

"If she only knew." Gemma sighed.

"Knew what." He wasn't taking this as a laugh. He winced hard then. "Bugger! She was after one of those test too. Fuck! Me Mum's pregnant!"

Gemma laughed hard then as she bit into a fry. Thank god, it was his mum and not her.


ellie said...

hahahah..that was good .. his thought.

cait said...

very very interesting what he's thinking about his mom.

heath and nick said...

oh. how interesting!

mazzie may said...

I hope gemma is sure about her not being pregnant.

Cait said...

How interesting.

Anonymous said...

cool. that he figured it all out.

Anonymous said...

his mom is an interesting person.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his mum will tell him.

Zacky said...

Have a good weekend to...^^

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, if Gemma was pregnant..

and yes it was the titanic :)

ellie said...

I left you an award.