no need to shout

"You don't look like yourself, babe." Rupert said first thing when Soren came back with some snacks from the kitchen.

"Sebastian's missing." Soren bit into a biscuit and plopped down next to Rupert.

"How long?" Rupert looked at him then.

"Too long, seriously." Soren winced. He could barely swallow the left-overs from breakfast. He almost coughed it up.

"Did he have a row with Needy?" Rupert looked at Soren for answer.

"Might of." Soren couldn't help but think of Sebastian, who was more than family. He did fancy him at one time. "He's just, you know, 16, and..where in the hell is he?"

"He wasn't schizo or anything, right?" Rupert started throwing ideas out there.

"Right." Soren looked at him then, and nodded.

"You were sweet on him, weren't you?" Rupert glared at him.

"So." Soren squinted.

"If he wasn't your cousin, you'd be with him right this minute. That's it, isn't it?" Rupert squinted back.

"Dunno, about that." Soren didn't want to believe it. Really. Possibly. No, no, he wouldn't think like that. "What's ailing you, Ruppie? Really?" Truly, his boyfriend was giving him little to smile about at the moment as he scratched the back of his head in thought.

"I just have to wonder if you think of all your lovers when you're with me. Can't help it, all right." Rupert couldn't look him in the eye.

"You little shit! Look at me, will you?" Soren grabbed Rupert by the neck then. "Jealous much?"

"Sorry." Rupert looked at him nervously.

Soren's lower plump lip curled up. He plowed right into Rupert then, wrestling him to the floor. He knew he had him. He did, as he wrapped his arms around him. Soren couldn't resist to give him a big fat hickey on his neck.


meg said...

This is interesting..how, he was sweet on his cousin. & a guy at that. Wow.

cait said...

Oh, boy..hmmm..Soren is kind of wild.

tiffany said...

what is this? hmmmm.. i like it.

yes! julian casablancas is flyin' solo now. i'm going to see him next month! you should go!

xo tiffany