not just family matters

"Seriously, you've been gone forever." Rupert told Gemma when she called.

"Just a few weeks, luv." She was all chatty. He didn't want her to think he was in a bummer mood, but he felt to be a in a funk of some sort with his main squeeze, Soren.

Well, he could call him that. That were fucking now. And true, it was all so new to him. Rupert, didn't want to dare think of all Soren's sorted digressions.

"Right. Yes, sorry. But I-"

"You miss me!" Now she had a laugh. As if her dear sweet puff of a brother could dare shed an emotion.

"Yes, of course." Rupert bit a grin. "That's not actually it, though." He got comfy on his sofa, as he wondered if he could dare hold on to Soren.

"Come on, cleanse your mind, out with it, baby brother." Gemma was set to listen.

"I dunno where to start."

"Is something the matter? You and Soren getting on with it?" Gemma wanted to know.

"Yes." He sighed.

"You wouldn't be shit'n me, now would you. Is he sweet to you?" Gemma questioned.

"Naturally. The best." He first said. "But what do I know. I never been this far with anyone, Gem, ya know." Rupert winced.

"Stop thinking so much shit. If he makes you happy, then let it alone, will ya." Gemma's advice rang through his head. He supposed he was making a big deal about nothing. Perhaps.

"Right." Rupert nodded as if he could do that. He would.

"You spoke to your Dad, you know, about what you know now?"

"No." Rupert didn't feel like it. Didn't care what his arse of a dad had to say about his love in with his mother and his best friend. "Who does shit like that anymore."

"Rupert, don't be so judgemental. Will ya?" Gemma snapped.

Rupert smiled then. His sister was a trip, he thought with a sigh. If only he knew who his sis had been sleeping with.

"You sure that Lyle of yours is as gay as you think he is?" Rupert bit a grin. He had a feeling his sis wasn't telling him, everything.


meg said...

That was good. It made me smile.

ellie said...

I'm glad they're more like siblings now.