on a whim

Simon was out in the shops with baby Sid. It was so much more of a cold winter wind than he expected. Naturally, he was frightened of baby slings and the like, these days, so he was holding on to Sid to make sure he was all right. Hoping this dreadful weather didn't hurt him.

Of course, he was trying to show the infant everything that Easter might have to offer. Sid's little baby blues took in everything. His little head wobbled, growing stronger everyday. There was a certain satisfaction Simon felt, yet he hated the thought of it being a selfish endeavor.

Just then he looked up and saw Maxie, an isle over, where the wine selections were.

"Where's Gracie?" He approached him then, wondering if he were an idiot bringing a baby out in this weather.

"I suppose she's cozy with her Mum and Dad."

Simon was startled when he realised it wasn't Maxie at all.

"Are you a friend of Maxie's?" The bloke smiled at him.

"Yeah, we go way back." Simon shrugged.

"Don't suppose he ever mentioned me." The bloke hugged himself as if he were bitter with someone. "I'm Maxie's brother, Paddy." He looked at Sid then and gave him a smile. "He's your spitting image, you know."

Simon just grinned.

"You look so much like Maxie." Simon then told him.

"Do I? Strange, folks say Maxie looks a lot like me, where I come from. Of course, they all know I have a brother, a factor that Maxie has longed neglected. I'm afraid." Paddy looked up at Simon.

"And why is that?" Simon winced.

"He hates me, Mum." Paddy told him.

"Really?" Simon had no idea. He'd never mentioned his mum.

"Yeah, see were split up when my parents called it quit. Maxie went with Dad and I stayed with Mum. The rest is history."


"Aw, well, all grown up now and can't stand sight of each other. You'd think they meant to do it, you know." Paddy went back to looking at wines.

"You looking for anything in particular?" Simon looked at the wines too.

"Me, Mum's birthday is coming up. Thought I'd get her nice Lexia. Its no more that pop, you know, she likes it sweet." Paddy smiled.

"I hope you find it." Simon had to find Sid's pacifier. He was getting fussy.

"Can't say I have."

Paddy pulled a bottle of pink wine from the shelves then.

"Would like some?" Paddy offered.

"Oh, I couldn't." Simon shook his head, no.

"We could share a bottle. Not like I'd be putting you under. Really isn't potent, if you know what I mean, you do drink, don't you?" Paddy looked him over.

"Of course."

"Well, a friend of Maxie's is a friend of mine." Paddy smiled.

Simon smiled.

"All right. I got some steaks I could put on the grill, if you'd like." Simon guess he could be a friend too. "Want to come home with us?" Naturally, Sid popped his pacifier out, right on the floor, and drooled down his shirt as if on command.

"Steak, sounds lovely. You've got your hands full, you know." Paddy told him.

"He's going back to his Mum's, so I'm free." Simon informed him.

"OK." Paddy picked up the pacifier, and held on to it as they started to pay for the wine.


ellie said...

This would be an interesting pair.

Holly said...

that was cool. maybe they'd be fun together.

meg said...

Thats sweet Simon and the baby.

cass and cady said...

I hope Paddy is on the up and up with him.