around about way

"Fuck!" Gemma found herself almost laughing. What was Cecil doing here?

"Get out of town!" Cecil shot back, but he didn't care if Gemma saw him practically in the buff. He was armoured in his tattoos that stretched from one arm to the next.

"You and Lyle's mum?" She winced.

"Lyle?" Cecil didn't see the connection as he stood there, unaware that he might look as if he were on display.

"Yeah, the stylist I've been staying with." Gemma shrugged. Although, you wouldn't know it. She was pretty much miss matched. Her thigh highs didn't even match. One gray and one black. She'd actually dressed in the dark. Lyle had been so stressed over his mum's secret that she was keeping from him that Gemma had stumbled to keep up with him back at his place. He had said he'd go alone, but she thought he might lose it, if he did.

"Oh." Cecil nodded. He finally went back to get on his jeans. He was still barefooted. By then, Lyle found him.

"Uh, this- this is my-brother." Gemma grinned.

"Cousin." Cecil clarified.

"Something like that." Gemma couldn't be sure.

"See," Neve laughed. "We're all family." Neve looped one arm around Lyle's and the other around Cecil's.


elliestories said...

oh boy, looks like more is happening than I knew.

ivy's closet said...

I do wonder about gemma.

Lynda said...

Glad you had a good laugh!


meg said...

oh, how interesting this is.

Meg said...

Wow, what a strange situation!