beside the point

Neve could see that Lyle was disheartened. As if she'd pulled his heart out and stomped on it with delight.

"Jesus, Lyle, don't be such a baby. Didn't raise you that way, did I?" Neve was ready to tell that boy where to go. "You have a life. I have one too. Not like you're over but every blue moon, as it is."

"All right." He was cold though.

"You've been working too hard, you know that." Neve informed him as she had them in the kitchen now, eating her scones and a good cup of brew to get them started.

"I guess."

"Shit," Neve snapped. "This bloke never gets a holiday off, you know that? Gemma, if you're around long enough, you'll know what that arse of a boss of his  is like."

"Yeah, I know." Gemma just grinned as she stuffed down the lemon poppy scones.

"He's a prick, all right." Cecil agreed, looking at Lyle, who set there gazing at the food as if he couldn't eat a bit.

"Mum, just shut it, will you." Lyle's brow furrowed.

"These are quite delicious." Gemma then said about the scones, but in the next minute Gemma was hurrying to the loo to throw it all up.

"Should there be something to worry about, Lyle?" Neve wanted to know.

Lyle only sighed and went to check on Gemma.


Joellen said...

Loves this, and I would totally gobble those scones.


ellie said...

I love Neve!