in the realm of it

"Jesus! Are you all right in there?" Lyle banged on the bathroom door then. It was quiet. He hoped she hadn't fainted. For the life of him, he didn't know what to make of the situation. The pregnancy test didn't match up to any indication of mother nature.

They'd been so happy about it, that..well, he liked to think it wasn't much to it now. But yes, they'd played around a bit themselves. And one thing had lead to another. He wanted to say it was a one off. Only, the one off had lasted about three days of bliss.

Yes, it was true, he'd let himself go. And it had been amazingly great. He wanted to think it was more than just fucking. Because it was. He really felt he knew her now. She was so much more to him than a flat-mate. And he thought he could fall asleep with her anywhere and be at home. Sleep was so much better. Of course, it was fun getting to the sleep, naturally.

"I'm just fine." She didn't sound well.

"Really, Gemma, you need to see doctor." Perhaps a strange flu was going around.

"Tea and honey." Neve told him that would help.

"Mum, she just had tea." Lyle winced.

"Not with honey." Neve went to make some.

Lyle felt more alienated from his job the more he was with Gemma, but he didn't know if he could survive without it. He wanted to get out of the business. Go somewhere with Gemma, far from the city, to start a new life.


Joellen said...

Should've used a condom! Love the dialogue, as always!


ellie said...

what has lyle got himself into.

meg said...

Lyle and Gemma..but I gotta wonder if she's gonna really have his kid..though.