its settled

Neve was proud of herself. She got Lyle to do the right thing. Of course, she didn't know why this was all important to her, so suddenly. Family. Naturally, a decade or more ago, she was all for free love and the like. Of course, she'd had her share of it. As it was though, it was a good thing. Showing up at the wedding court, rings an all, a daisy chain around her head, to make it official.

She was finally a married lady. Cecil had been down the isle once himself. It was short lived, but this time, it would be different. She was 49 and time to settle down. And it seemed splendid to do it with Cecil. She'd talked Lyle and Gemma in to it. Sort of dare. She guessed. But it was enough to celebrate about. Only she couldn't drink and that was terrible. But she was happy. Lyle was happy. And of course, Cecil was ecstatic. They were moving back to his place in Hollyoaks.

"Now, it won't be fab or anything." He explained. "I hear my ex is on tour with a poker tournament so that won't be a problem." Of course, she made him laugh when he told her Ingrid was with a much older bloke. So much older than Neve.

As it was she'd rented out her flat to one of her many gay friends, Georgie, who had been waiting years to have it. He promised, he'd keep her museum in tact. After all, she still had the love letters Mick had sent her so long ago. Framed, of course. Right on the wall. After all, Neve was only bringing her essentials in her old suitcase. It was all that she needed. She was ready to start a new life in Hollyoaks.


misty said...

cool. this looks fun. haha..about Ingrid.

ellie said...

wow..so fast.

meg said...

all right, i'm excited for them.

Holly said...

how fun.