just a bit of luck

Paddy didn't see a need in trying to get to know Maxie and his family. As it was Maxie had no time for him and he guessed that would have to be all right. Instead, he had been smitten when it came to Simon. He so felt like wasting another day in the village, hoping it might be something to remind him that he was still a part of the living and not having to listen to the loons with foreboding clairvoyances back at the home where his mother stayed. He knew she wouldn't know him when he got back. He could see her three times a days and she'd still not remember him.

Yet, he didn't know if he wanted to go back to the Black Cat or anywhere near there. Kelsy didn't trust him. He didn't know what he did. Stealing food, perhaps. Shit, he thought it was Simon's home, too. But perhaps it best if he just stayed away or if they did meet up, not to hang out there. Or if, such an occasion might arise, well, likely it wouldn't, but spend the night in a room somewhere. Just didn't know if he could afford it. After all, he was on Ian's couch.

So there he was out setting up a game of chess in the park when Simon dropped by, alone to sit with him.

"I thought you'd left." Simon sat down at the game.

"Soon," Paddy said as he looked up at Simon while setting up the pieces.

"Glad you're still around." Simon smiled.

"Are you now?" Paddy bit a smile too.

"Didn't know you played?" Simon helped with the pieces.

"Yeah, not very often, though."

"Josh, was never into the game much. He said I beat him too often." Simon told him. Paddy only gave him a look as if who in the hell was that. "Sorry, my ex, he lives just downstairs from me."

"Does this mean you visit him, occasionally?" Paddy questioned.

"Hardly." Simon shrugged. "We work at the library. I don't even see him there. I'm a cataloguer and he works circulation. And aside from the fact he has someone new in his life."

"I see." Paddy looked at the pieces. Really, he didn't want to play the game. Not today. Not when he could think of so many other things he could be doing with Simon. "So are you free right now?"

"I believe so." Simon shrugged.

"What are we fucking doing here, then?" Paddy grinned. "Shouldn't we go where no one knows us. You know. Get out of town.  Perhaps the shore."

"We could take the train." Simon nodded.

"What a lovely idea." Paddy was up for that.


cait said...

oh boy..simon running away with you know who..

fan fic said...

I do feel sad for Paddy.

meg said...

Paddy is making his move.

lily said...

I hope he's telling him the truth.