old news

"You're really sweet to me, you know," Paddy said on their train ride to the beach. It was sunny out and it was nice to get away for a bit.

"I had some days to take on holiday, you know." Simon didn't want to act like it was an act of congress to do so. Especially, with Kelsy. Actually, he'd left her a voice message, and they were on their way. It was OK at the library. It wasn't terribly busy yet.

Paddy seemed upset though.

"What is it?" Simon looked at him.


"Come on, you can tell me anything." Simon promised him as they were lulled in their seats by the rhythm of the train.

"Right." Paddy didn't smile though. "Me, mum's worse, than I said." He almost choked on his words.


"God, I wish I could be straight with you about it, but as it is, can't even be straight with myself." He sighed. "See we sold the house and all, so she could be put in the home. And, well, I lived there. Helped out a good bit. The kitchen. There were other old farts I had to deal with too. I lived in the shed. Actually." He was quiet then as if he might be fighting tears. "I have no place there now. Since mum passed."

"What?" Simon winced. "What are you telling me?"

"I'm just a drifter, Simon. You've got no business being with me. You deserve better." Tears came to Paddy's eyes then.

Simon put his around him, hugged him close. Simon thought he might cry too, but he knew where he wanted to be. He wanted to be with Paddy.


ellie said...

i do wonder if paddy is goog or bad.

lily said...

Lets hope paddy is on the up and up.

misty said...

oh my.

meg said...

Paddy does need a friend right now. At least.

fan fic said...

That's so sad about Paddy's mum.