setting him straight

Kelsy wasn't exactly sure what to think when she found someone with Simon.

"He was over the whole night!" Kelsy went to Colin about it, who was already up with the babies.

"And?" Colin almost smiled, but he was busy making sure the kiddies were clean and happy.

"Who the fuck is he?" Kelsy didn't like strangers in the house.

"Babe, I'm sure Simon knows him. He wouldn't just let anyone in, besides, he needs friends, you know." Colin shrugged as he went on to change Nancy's nappy.

"More like, lover." Kelsy fumed.

"Don't let it get to you," Colin said. "Just talk to him if you're worried."

"Right." She'd play nice. Make breakfast. She guessed the bloke could join them. She went to the kitchen then to start a brew when she found the bloke in just his nickers, digging through the fridge.

"Are you homeless?" She asked.

"Almost." The bloke looked up at her who was about to pop a red grape in his mouth.

"What are you to Simon?" She wanted him to spit it out. Now. She got the kettle on and told him to get out the eggs and sausage for her.

"I dunno. Nothing much, I guess." The bloke shrugged.

She looked him over, noticed his resemblance to Maxie. Was that what it was? Simon wanted his own Maxie for himself. She knew something happened when Simon went to Spain to get Maxie that time. God, Simon was mad about Maxie, and he had to find himself  someone, who looked like his Maxie. The thoughts churned in her head.

"I doubt you mean nothing to him." She glared back at him as she got the skillet ready. "Who are you?"

"Maxie's brother. Paddy." He said so solemn as if he knew she'd been thinking the same thing.

"Maxie, aye? Why aren't you over at their kitchen, scrounging?" She gave him an ominous gaze.

"Because, I'm an intrusion there, I suppose." Paddy slightly smiled. "Do you want me to leave?"

"No, I'd never hear the end of it from Simon." She started beating eggs then with a fury. "Besides, I'd never hear the end of it if I were evil to his guest. But just don't be shitty to him, now. He's hit a rough patch, you know. First Josh had to be prat over Sid, and then, he was happy with Benji. Only the bottom fell out of that when Benji got carted off to the slammer. So lets hope you are on the up and up with him. He's a sweetheart. Don't want to see him anymore broken than he already is."

Paddy bit his bottom lip then. He gave her a nod that he'd be on his best behavior.


Joellen said...

I loved this, I can't wait to get more acquainted with the characters!


ellie said...

I so love how Kelsy is about her "men"..ahahahaaa...

lily said...

Oh, Kelsy. Need I say more. She's very protective.