things change

Was it true? Lyle wasn't going to be quiet about it until his mother, aka Neve told him the truth. He showed up with Gemma at his mother's flat in the old town area. Supposedly, this was where Sweeney Todd came about, but he'd never know it. Although the brownstone was ancient, and she rented out a spot on the top floor that was jammed packed with her rockn'roller shit she'd saved over the years.

Gemma was having a good time, taking it all in the livingroom, while he chatted it up with mum about her new predicament.

"I thought I might want to go back to Hollyoaks." She shrugged as if it were no concern of his.

"Did ya now?" Lyle fretted. He'd spent a few years there himself, but they'd packed up and left by the ripe age of four or so, he thought. He thought she never wanted to go back. "What the fuck is in Hollyoaks?"

"I dunno. It would be, like home." She told him. "And that's where I would want the baby to be."

"So its fine and dandy for a baby, but not for me?" This pissed Lyle.

"Well, it was stressful then. But things have changed." She'd made scones and offered him a plate of them, but he wasn't hungry.

"I don't even know you, anymore." Lyle crossed his arms. He knew they'd been so close. Always. But that had not been enough.

Just then he noticed a scrawny, reptile of a human just in his nickers strolling down the hall. Lyle squinted hard then. Was this the father of her baby?


ellie said...

Interesting scene. Made me smile.

meg said...

hahahaha..what an interesting situation.

lily said...

what an interesting family.