thinking back on it

"Really, I dunno how it happened?" Gemma looked at the test again. They were at the doctor's office a few days later.

"Don't be daft with me, please." Lyle winced. "You are a smart lass. We had sex, what do you think?"

"Just like that, though." It was an awful lot to absorb. The two of them had created something. It wasn't exactly like planting tulips. She smiled with a shrug then. At least it was with Lyle. No need to worry about the hanky panky from before with..what were their names? It was just a blur then. Just some fun, she'd never mention again. After all, Lyle had met most of her criteria, except for having the boyfriend, once upon a time. But that had burned him good, and this was a fresh start for the both of them.

"What shall we do?" She wanted to know.

"Do you love it here? London, I  mean?" He looked at her as if he'd go anywhere she wanted.

"Not really, I mean, its a fine place to shop and see the sights, but honestly, its too expensive here on a daily basis." She nodded. If he'd asked her this a year ago she would have told him it was fantastic and that she never wanted to be anywhere else. Now it was just growing old on her. She wanted to get back and see her sis, Kelsey and the pub and even Ian and the rest of the boys in the band.

"A bit much it is." He agreed. "Ever since Mum mentioned moving back to Hollyoaks, I've been thinking of wanting to go too. I don't know if I remember it a bit. Who knows, she might wise up and tell me who my Dad is. Maybe he's still there."

"Yeah, but that messy contract with your boss. Its kind of stand still, isn't it?" She winced.

"Its just shitty business. And I don't want a part of it. I want to be with you. And I've saved loads, you know. We could get by. I'd find something to do." He promised.

"I was a nanny one summer. I went Greece, that way." She offered.

"But you're pregnant." He reminded her.

She supposed being a rock star was on hold for good now.

"We'll think of something." She sighed. It was as if they had all the time in the world now to think. Something was bound to come along.


meg said...

hmmm wonder what he'd think of her and Feltch & Monty..though.

lily said...

Maybe she's completely good now. Heheheee...

skins again said...

aw, I do hope this is his baby.

nick and heath said...

A fresh start. I guess.

ellie said...

I do hope it will go well. I like them together.