an ugly thought

Josh got the letter in the mail, giving him the date that he and Simon could get married in France.

He rolled his eyes. He'd forgot how they'd filled out paperwork and the like just to wait months to find out if they could do it. Supposedly, it was faster now for such an event.

"What's that?" Ste wanted to know. He was in the kitchen just in his briefs frying an egg for a sandwich.

"Just crap." Josh shrugged. Of course, Ste had to go to investigate.

"Don't look at it. Its nothing!" Josh swelled a frown.

"Jesus, you'd think it was a big secret with all that yelping." Ste gave him a scowl, but had supper ready soon enough in their little eat-in kitchen.

"Just nothing, all right." Josh didn't want to talk about it.

"Whatever." Ste ate at the messy sandwich while Josh bit into a chip.

"I dunno why folks think marriage is the key, anyway." Josh shrugged.

"What?" Ste winced.

"You know, how this marriage shit is all glorious for every one of us." Josh was bitter.

"Josh, when did you get so- I dunno. A bit mad, if you ask me." Ste licked the yolk from his fingers then. "If you want a family, then marriage is the start, don't you think?"

"Don't want to talk about it." Josh scowled. He bit into his sandwich and the yolk squirted down his sleeve. He made a face then, disgusted with the mess. He went to clean up.

"Aye, when did your panties get in such a wad and made you such a pisser." Ste gave him a soured look.

"We're not getting married." Josh informed him. "If that's what you're asking."

"I'm not asking," Ste gave him a glare. "I'm saying if I mean anything to you, you'd do it without a second thought." He pursed his lips then and cleaned his plate with the bread and ate what was left of the bacon. "You think to much, you know it. Not surprised if you don't have one of those brain cramps that causes and infection in your head!"

Josh went into his room then and slammed the door shut. Ste was getting to intense for him.


ellie said...

interesting developements.

so jade said...

I kind of feel bad for Ste.

Holly said...

I guess Josh feels bad about all that with Simon. Maybe.

meg said...

doesn't look good to me.

lily said...

poor Ste. I feel kind of bad for him.

nick and heath said...

sounds like drama.

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Ailee Verzosa said...

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