what the queen bee wants

"Honestly, Kel, did you have to be so hard on him?" Simon was not amused with her shenanigans with Paddy. She was such a bitch at breakfast. All snooty like. As if you'd have to be somebody rich before she'd have a thing to do with you. It wasn't like the Kelsy he knew.

"I don't like your attitude." She snarled while they were folding baby clothes.

"I don't care for yours, either." Simon scowled back. "You have no right to be-"

"Well, I don't want my child around any Tom, Dick or Harry." She shot back.

"Paddy is practically family." Simon lit into her.

"Really? Since when?" She glared at him as she flung a cloth nappy at him.

"You know what I mean. He's Maxie's brother." Simon told her.

"So that's what its all about. Can't have Max, so you'll settle with Padraic." Kelsy shrugged.

"Quit twisting it all around, will you!" Simon looked at her bitter. "Let it alone." He was soured with this conversation and Sid started to cry. He went to him. It felt to him he was sentenced to a little room at the end of the hall and the only person who he was supposed to be with was just a baby... who still enjoyed his mum's tits most nights.


cass and cady said...

I loved the last part.

ellie said...

I feel so sad for simon. That just isn't right.

meg said...

Simon can't be her slave. He deserves happiness.

Cait said...

I love simon.

elliestories said...

simon should have some fun.

fan fic said...

she is quite a pain.

lily said...

I really think Simon needs to get away.

Meg said...

Kelsy should try to be nicer.

Joellen said...

I could feel the heat of the conflict!