a bit of a fuss

Ste strolled the night as if he owned it. A smile came to his smooth face as he headed from one street light to another. Unkowning what to do. But had it. Had his switch blade with him. Funny, how he'd hidden it so long from Josh, who didn't know he owned one. Really, he wasn't sure where it came from, but it was truly like an old friend ready to do his dirty work for him.

Ste felt as if he were on autopilot, for some reason. There was nothing to think on. Just do. Now. Not like a bank job where you worked weeks to think up how to get to a place a certain time. Have everything lined up like a recipe for a birthday cake. You just went in. Got wha you wanted. And got out. Simple. Quite simple, indeed.

There was the liquor store on the corner. Not really that busy. Just a few. Old woman getting her Mogan David. The bastards just coming off their shift to take wine home for the wife or Scotch for themselves. It was not a bad time to be in the liquor store. So Ste went in to do his business.

Which meant. Grabbing the old woman, promising he'd slit her throat if he didn't get the cash. He held her tight. He thought how hard his teeth gnashed. They might tumble out. There was no time for mistakes. He made the old witch promised not to move.

"Now don't be a bitch now." He whispered. Holdering her tighter waiting for the cash to stuff in the inside of his green Army jacket. "I'll be on my way."

Shit, if she didn't pee on his pants.

"Fuck!" Ste's face tense. "I should slit that wrinkled throat of yours!" But he threw her to the ground instead. Snatched the cash and bottle of gin and took off running.

Finally, he felt the cold of the night and it was fresh and so redeeming. Except for the wet spot on his thigh that started out like warm soup was now like ice. He winced the thought of some poor old woman's piss on him. Disgusting.

But he opened the gen and started to drink. He felt himself shaking inside as if he could not possibly hold it together. Only the gen could keep him calm. He needed to stay calm.


meg said...

wow. Ste is so cruel. But I liked it.

Jean-Pierre MATTEI whom is just a HUGE FASHION STAR !..... {^_^} ..... said...

Thank you very much,
Have a great evening

ellie said...


Ste is getting evil.

jeremy's turn said...

getting wicked.

so jade said...


MOLLYKT said...

i love ste in this!

degrassi after hours said...

Oh, Ste..so misunderstood.

MOLLYKT said...

no, i like him in this!
so much more interesting, i hate ste in the regular hollyoaks!

Heather said...

eeeeeeeeeeeew! haha thanks for that now I am a bit more up on the story :)