getting no where

"Soren knows of a lawyer." Rupert was quick to pick out Fang when Josh came around for a drink at the Black Cat.

"Jesus, Rup, must you?" Soren looked at Rupert that he didn't want to get into this.

"What? You've had some troubles, too?" Josh winced.

"No, just an old mate from school." Soren shrugged.

"More like old lover." Rupert was snide. He just couldn't help it.

"Quit it, will ya." Soren fretted.

"Fang? What sort of name is that?" Josh was concerned.

"Just a kiddie's name that stuck, thats all." Soren nodded. He looked up to see Fang coming through the door.

"Well, go get him." Rupert coaxed.

"You go get him." Soren quipped.

"Fine." Josh stomped off to see to him.

"Don't mess with me," fussed Soren.

"What are you gonna do to me?" Rupert got in his face.

"I'd like to beat the shit out of you, but it would do neither of us any good, now would it? And I don't want to go to jail for giving you a good beat'n." Soren got off his chair then and went to the kitchen to get back on with the dishes.

Rupert just stared at him. He was not scared of Soren in the least.


meg said...

glad rupert knew someone. at least.

Holly said...

why is soren so mad at rupert???

ellie said...

oh my..Josh finding Fang. Cool.

misty said...

They are so funny sometimes.