not tonight

"Fang?" Soren could hardly believe it. "Is it you?" He hadn't seen him in ages. Fang was a grade or two a head of him in school. Soren expected he'd moved to the states. A big shot now, lawyer type. "What are you doing in Hollyoaks?"

"Can't I see a mate?" Fang looked shocked that Soren would even bother why he was back.

"Sure, of course."

"I heard by mouth you're giving the Black Cat an upgrade." Fang smiled.

"I wouldn't say that. That would be cousin's doing." Soren couldn't dare take credit for it. He just made do with what Colin gave him and only hoped the patrons would enjoy eating it as much as he enjoyed preparing it.

Soren looked around, hoping he'd see Rupert but he saw him nowhere.

"I was hoping you to meet my boyfriend." Soren finally looked back at Fang.

"You? A boyfriend." Fang gave him an open smile. "Now that's a laugh." And he did so.

Soren gave him a glare to shut it while he looked one more time to spot Rupert at the back booth.

He went over to see what he was doing. Rupert always waited at the bar for him. "Babe, what are you doing?" He winced. He looked to be getting drunk. A way ahead of him. "You know how you are when you've had one to many."

"Why would I know," Rupert was being all snide as if he didn't have the time of day now for Soren, who crossed his arms and gave Rupert a perturbed look.

"There's someone I want you to know." Soren kept glaring thinking this was not a good time for Rupert to act like a prick. "He's one of my oldest mates."

"Dearest too, I guess." Rupert looked over to Fang.

"Please, don't be a prick." Soren kept his eye on Rupert as Fang walked up.

"Fang, this is Rupert." Soren told him then.

"Oh, hullo." Rupert managed a silly smile. This was not like Rupert at all, thought Soren, who just squinted at him to knock off the silly sassy voice of his.


ellie said...

please don't be a prick..I loved it.

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meg said...

Fang, I wonder how he got that name.

ivy's closet said...

Hopefully, Fang won't tear them apart.

fan fic said...

This might be interesting.

Heather said...

hey! cool story where does is start? :)