on impulse

Before Rupert knew it, Ste was gone. Drank up his drinks and left. Rupert guessed he went to the loo. Didn't really care. He had his own luv to wait for. He'd be off in an hour. Rupert, bit his lip thinking of Soren. Probably would smell of grilled steaks and onions. He'd have that white uniform on. A chef's coat. Soren's cousin,  Colin wanted them to look professional. Chef hat included. He knew Soren didn't much care for it. He'd be a bit sweaty and salty under his clothes. But Rupert didn't seem to mind. He liked him that way. A bit spicey to the tongue, but definitely, he was worth it. Every night and morning. in fact. It was beginning to become their lovely tradition. And Rupert could hardly wait to see him.

But just then he heard someone ask for Soren at the end of the bar. Rupert ear's pricked as he looked at the bloke questioning the bartender about Soren. He wanted to know the hours he worked and would he mind if he had a word with him.
Naturally, the bartender told him that they were still serving up grub. He'd have to wait. There were orders to be filled. Rupert didn't know exactly what to make of this because, in spite of how nice the bloke was dressed. Suited up for corporate, no doubt. There was this insistence. A demanding look, perhaps. He wanted to see Soren now.

Rupert felt like a fool. Not sure to lash out at the possible wanker or run and hide. He decided he'd get in the corner and spy. No need to make the situation worse. Possibly, the suit didn't like the food. Thats what this was about. So Rupert nursed on his lager and waited.

Soon enough, after this wanker being so damn testy, Soren came out from the kitchen. All in white. Not a crumb or a grease mark on him and greeted this suit. Rupert glared as he watched them embrace. The block was all smiles. Soren was too. It was sickening, in fact.

Rupert did not like it one bit when the bloke kissed Soren on the cheek. It really did not sit well with him, yet he didn't move from the back booth, either.


ellie said...

oh boy, this'll be interesting.

meg said...

that guy must have surprised him.

so jade said...

dang..just what Rupert needed. NOT

miley and tim said...

Who could that guy be??

cass and cady said...

hahaha..looks like trouble.

heath and nick said...

Rupert can let this make him mad.

Berlin said...

Thanks =)

With snow & stars,