a really lovely thing

Josh was beginning to think something was strange in the air. All these people ready to start crime. Lovers at that. He winced as he looked back at Soren and Rupert arguing. He introduced himself to this lawyer they spoke of.

"They're just kids." This Fang was a right smart looker. He was definitely not a kid. Mature. Just the way Josh wished his life could be.

"I have a problem." He told him about Ste then. His friend. "Honestly, I don't think he ever was rehabilitated as he should be, and well, he had-had an episode of some sort. I really think he needs a psychological evaulation."

Within minutes Fang was on his cell speaking to important people. Josh was impressed. He couldn't help but smile.

"Its good as done." Fang promised. "Now how about a steak. Lets see if Soren knows anything he's doing."

Josh sighed with a smile. This was just what he needed. Someone to take his mind off his troubles with Ste.

"I can't believe it. Just a phone call or two?" Josh kept staring at Fang. How was that possible? He was having nightmares how he would have to scream in court how they'd been so unfair with Ste. And now he was getting help.

They ordered the specials. Rare steak. Lots of ale to drink with it. A side salad and of course chips.

Fang kept telling Josh how Ste must be grateful to have someone like him in his life. Josh listened, but he kept studying Fang who was rather flawless. He had a great job. He kept himself fit. Josh didn't know anyone like that existed, except on the tele.

Just then he saw Simon and Paddy come in. Ready to celebrate. They were excited about something. Josh almost lost his appetite thinking what that might be. Suddenly, he felt miserable. He tried to listen to Fang go on about his studies an where he'd been in the states.

He looked up at Simon then. How could he have done such a thing. Married. To Paddy. It was as if Paddy was just as much trouble as Ste. He just knew it. Josh was just glad it was Simon in that mess instead of himself.


ellie said...

So many things changing. Cool about Fang.

Fenny said...

Great Fang!

degrassi after hours said...

oh josh..get off your high horse.

meg said...

I like Fang.

Holly said...

He'd be mad about Simon and Paddy.

lucy and sarah said...

josh might be the bad boy in this.

ayşegül said...

hii handsome cool boy :D

my favorıte the cool one(?) :Pp

sid and violet said...

So cool, but I have to wonder where this is going.

Fenny said...

I like this fanfic

he and him said...

Oh, I'm wondering how it'll work out for Ste.

simon and josh said...

thanks guys. really appreciate it.

ayşegül said...

get a n weekend cool guys :D:D:D

love all.. xoxo