say it ain't so

"What the fuck do you mean, going all girly on me, like that?" Soren wouldn't let it go.

Rupert couldn't say what quite happened. He just felt like it.

"Don't- don't call me that." Rupert winced  They were back at their room. Both were in a huff.

"Guess, you've been around those queens too long, aye." Soren got in his face, all squinty.

"You don't even know what the shit, you're going on about." Rupert shot back. He was just trying to side track him.  "What sort a mother calls her son, Fang!"

"OH COME ON!" Soren threw his hands in the air.

"I dunno." Rupert shook his head. "How come you neglected to tell me about this old flame of yours?"

"Shut it!" Soren gave him a harsh look then as he stabbed his index finger into Rupert's chest. "He was never my boyfriend. We were mates."

"Well, I can see there was something more. There was, wasn't there, Soren!" Rupert wasn't backing down. "The way he looks at you. That longing gaze. There was something more!" Rupert was sure of it.

"OK, we may have snogged, on occasion." Soren squinted hard.

"ON OCCASION!" Rupert couldn't help himself.

"He, he might. We might have experimented a little." Soren shook his head. "I was in school. There were parties." Soren sat down on the bed, miserably.

"So you're trying tell me..he was your Tony Stoneham, was he?" Rupert could see it in his head. The two of them. Together.

"What?" Soren winced.

"You know, Like Skins." Rupert told him. "You were his Maxxie, weren't you?"

Soren blew out a breath.

"Maybe I was," Soren said. "But still."

"What? He's in love with you." Rupert fretted.

"He's got a wife and kid." Soren informed him. "He's history."

"You think?" Rupert eased up then as he neared Soren who took both his hands. "He's not like us. He's got a fat trust fund to fall back on, and he doesn't even know if he has any mates. That's the kind of mate he is. Never knowing if he's even there for you, or not."

Rupert felt bad now that he'd been such a dick.

"You know you're the one." That's all Soren had to say as his forehead touched Rupert's. He kissed Rupert then as if this was meant to be.


ellie said...

his tony stoneham..priceless.

so jade said...

aw..you know they belong together.

meg said...

Yeah, they belong together.

degrassi after hours said...

They can't stay mad at each other too, long.

gossip girl gone vamps said...

so sweet.

he and him said...

glad they got that fixed.

Heather said...

ooooo heated! ah but it all worked out!

Heather said...

ooooo heated! ah but it all worked out!