technically speaking

Josh couldn't believe it when Ste didn't come home. He didn't even know Ste was mad. Actually.

He was being his loud self. Josh thought nothing of it. He just wanted him to cool it. There was no way they could start a family. Ste was enough to take care of. It would be like giving a gorilla a baby to play with. Well, maybe not that harsh, but still, Ste had his ups and downs. True, he hadn't been awful as of late, but no one knew when something might set him off. And obviously, something had when he got the call from the coppers. They had Ste in the slammer.

"What are you doing?" Josh was about to melt down when he saw Ste in the cell.

"Whats it to you, what I do?" Ste was his calloused self.  Josh hardly knew this side of him.

"What's it to me! Good God, Ste! What's gotten in to you?" Josh winced there at the station. Something had happened. It was as if he'd reverted back to that old pattern of his. Just a thug, at heart. As far as Josh was concerned, Ste had gone mental. He needed help. Josh needed to find a good lawyer and fast. He needed to find someone who wouldn't lose him in the system.


Ailee Verzosa said...

Awh, thats too sad, Ste had gone mental?

meg said...

poor ste..maybe.

ellie said...

so sad for Ste.

Fenny said...

Pity Ste :(

Ailee Verzosa said...

hello there.. thanks for leaving a note at one of my recent post... really appreciate it.. :)