honestly now

Paddy didn't give a shit what might be on Kelsy's mind. He was to drink and be merry at her little impromptu party for her dear sweet Gemma and Cecil. It was just lovely.

He bit into a cracker and watched from the sidelines as he nursed a sauced punch. Really, it was an interesting family. How the hell did it get so big? He listened to Kelsy talk of her painful childbirths. It was enough to scare any child away, now wasn't it?

"Better watch it, sounds like you might have more than one babe to watch over." Paddy mentioned to Gemma like a bad omen. He saw how her eyes lit. It made him smile with a touch of laughter.

"What do you mean?" Neve approached him then. "You look a might familiar to me."

"Haven't you been listening. Sounds as if Kelsy's been cursed. You know, she and Gemma coming out of the same womb, only a few months apart." Paddy just stared at her as if she might be a vixen in her own right, but he'd never mention it.

"Yes, its true. Gemma's mother could have litters."

"Yeah?" Paddy winced. "What the fuck does that have anything to do with me?"

"You know what they used to do to unwanted children in these parts." Neve's bewitching eyes over came him. He thought he might choke. "They lived with the wolves."

Paddy backed away. What the fuck was she getting at? That he had been unwanted? It didn't set well with him, at all.


Ailee Verzosa said...

Advance Happy Father's to your father and to all the fathers out there... May God give them more blessings in the coming years...

ellie said...

oh, boy..so mysterious.

ori said...

good one. really.

ayşegül said...

congrulatıon handsome :Pp

love you xoxo

holly O said...

hahahah..Paddy is so interesting. Might not should mess with Neve, though.