in a little padded room

Ste was not amused at the men and white coats coming to get him.

"What the fuck do you want!" They carted him away in a straight jacket after they gave him a shot in the butt. Really, it was not a fun thing, and he was kicking and screaming all the way until the sedative set in. And then he felt as if he were in quick sand. He could not move. He might as well have been a worm oozing around on a parking lot after a rain storm. He didn't know where in the hell he was. But a padded room of some sort.

Finally, sleep set in and he was dreaming of gumdrops on a tree in the park. It was so serene and everyone was happy. Well, it could have been that way, but he didn't feel at all a part of it. He squinted hard. He felt so tight and miserable. Would he always be an animal to everyone? To everyone?

"Ste! Ste! Are you awake?" It sounded so demanding. Someone was pulling his eyelid up to look at his eyeball. Ste shook with a cringe then.

"Let me out of here!" He tried to scream.

"Oh, its OK. Just need to see if you are with us, or somewhere else." The doctor was all grins.

Ste wanted so badly to be somewhere else. Even in prison. The meals weren't completely rotten. At least he was fed on time, and he could watch something on cable through the bars. He didn't even have that at home.

"What do you want from me!" Ste grunted.

"Now, just relax. Its not that I think you're an animal. Really." The doctor kept smiling, but Ste looked at him as if he were an evil mad scientist.


ayşegül said...

ı'm an evıl doctor :D
have a good w.end .xoxo

sarah and lucy said...

hahaha..oh, Ste. Maybe it won't be that bad.

cass and cady said...

so scary for him.

izzy and dev said...

such a strange time for him.

Fenny said...

so scary, what happened the next?

ori said...

oh, that would be not good.