it couldn't be boring

Gemma neglected the fact that this was highly unlikely Lyle's baby. She wanted it to be his. Really, she did. She didn't want to have anything to do with Fletch or anyone else in the band now. As it was, Ian seemed to think it was all her fault about the glitch keeping the band from any gigs, all because of that shit, she was tied up with Robby Mac, the music producer.

Naturally, she neglected to dwell on this, as well. After all, Lyle had washed his hands of the Robby Mac fiasco. Besides, they were in Cecil's flat now. Although, it was quite small, and there was Lyle's mother with her so called surprise (their babe in the oven) to think about. Was their really enough room? Really?

Well, she'd just go with the flow. Hang on to Lyle. They were beautiful together. And perhaps they didn't have that much money, but still, this was a happy time. Now wasn't it?

So she let her sister make over her. And it was even better when Rupert showed up with Soren so she could show off her Lyle.

"I thought you told me he was a puff." Rupert said to her once they were alone, but Lyle wasn't that far away.

"Shh..not so loud." Gemma gave him a stern look.

"What? You cured him?" Rupert scowled.

"Shut it! Please, I've done nothing to him. Suppose that old lover of his burned him good." She winced.

"As in a disease?" Rupert gave her a painful wince.

"No, you idiot. He just hates him." Gemma looked back at him just as painful.

"Oh." Rupert looked at her blankly.

"So what do you think?" Gemma hoped he approved.

"What does it matter, what I think?" Rupert was kind of soured.

"Well, you and Soren are just lovely." Gemma regretted not telling him sooner.

"Look, as long as you're happy, that's all that matters." Rupert told her.

She would be if she didn't have the lies to contend with.


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