it should have been swell

All right, Josh had done a bad thing. A shitty thing, in fact.

He'd slept with Fang.

Well, if he'd never seen Simon and his new partner, he might not have stooped so low. Although, he didn't feel low at the time. He thought Fang was maybe the best he'd ever had. He was so many things that Josh wasn't. He was fit. Smart and damn well worth the fuck.

Fang had let him have a go at him. It was a might funny since...Fang was bigger than he. And he'd let him have his way.

It was just brilliant. Electric, in fact. And now it had turned cold, cause it seemed to be a one off in the end. Doubt he'd hear from Fang again. It had left him blue, and he knew he needed to be true to Ste, but it was all so damn hard. Him being away and all. Hadn't even had a chance to contact him.

Josh was in limbo. And he didn't like it.

"You're just an arse." He told Simon at work. He went all the way to the back to find Simon bent over a computer, editing shit for the library. Right boring work, but Simon loved it.

"What?" Simon looked over his wire rimmed glasses with a scowl.

"You know what it is." Josh rudely reminded him. "Who goes off to the fucking seaside to get married?"

"Definitely not the likes of you." Simon scolded even more. "Just why do you care?"

"I'm sick of your lovely shit. First a baby. Now this. What next, aye?" Josh gave him a disgusting stare.

"Why? A place of our own. Nitwit." Simon went back to his work at the computer.

Josh just fumed.

"By the way, who was that bloke I saw you with other night?" Simon shot back as Josh was about to walk away.

"A-a friend." He didn't want to get into it with him about Ste. There was little left of their friendship now. Simon had made damn sure to cut his loses now with him, and it really maddened Josh that he could be so unkind.


misty said...

Josh has changed so much..from when he and Simon first met. I feel sad for him.

ellie said...

I can't believe he'd do it. I thought he love Ste.