a little shout out now

At least Gemma was there with her new hubby to help soften the blow when Simon told Kelsy and Colin about his marriage to Paddy.

"I can't believe all this fuck'n marriage shit!" Of course, when Kelsy said it, Simon wasn't sure if she were pleased or on the outs with it. "What ever got into your silly heads?"

"Why you of course," Gemma smiled. "And the baby."

"What?" Kelsy winced while everyone shot Gemma a look.

"Why yes, we're having a little one." She practically cooed in Lyle's arms.

"So many new people." Simon whispered to Paddy as if he didn't know anyone. Which reminded him of what he saw down at the Black Cat. Even Josh seemed to be fancying someone new.

"Isn't that a good thing." Paddy put his arm around Simon that they were just as well as the likes of anyone in the room. He guessed they were, but seriously, he just wanted to move his family elsewhere than to be stuck in Kelsy's home. She would always be ruling the roost. Now wouldn't she?


ellie said...

Oh..hope Paddy won't ruin it for her.

lucy and sarah said...

Paddy just has a way.

ayşegül said...

marrıage is fuck of shıt :)

freeedooommmmmm :DDD


axel said...

hahaha...love your comment aysegul!

meg said...

well..Paddy just might be a snake..after all.

so jade said...

oh interesting.

Kristin said...

I want more!

knk said...

very interesting post lovely story

Fenny said...

sounds interesting