quite natural

Simon was looking through a vegetarian cookbook on the couch while Paddy was off opening a bottle of wine. It seemed they were all alone. No Sid to bother with at the moments since he was off with his mum and sis.

"What the devil are you doing?" Paddy gave him a half scowl as he handed over the red wine.

"Just thinking of our health, you know." Simon shrugged as he put a lock of blond hair behind his ear, Paddy set nest to him, taking his hand with a light kiss just to put his hand near something excited to see Simon. A smile gave way from Simon as he looked at Paddy.

"Its just something to think on, you know." Paddy gave him a sly smile as he sipped his wine then. He played with Simon's hair then and gave him a soft slow kiss as if this might be the time to be in bed instead on the sofa.

"Josh, was in rare form today." Simon finally said.

"Why bring him up, at all? Really, must we?" Paddy toyed with the collar of Simon's shirt instead while Simon drank a bit of wine.

"He seems so far away now. Like I never really knew him." Simon told him.

"Maybe you never did." Paddy was even lipped as he stared at Simon.

"But why is he so bitter? What did I do that was so wrong?" Simon wanted to know.

"Babe, I don't like it when you talk that way about yourself. You are just staying true to you. He however, is just a wanker. Who, you are far better away from, now aren't you?" Paddy gave him a serious look.

Simon smiled more, giving Paddy a kiss and he slid his fingers right where Paddy wanted. He was definitely getting the hang of being a newlywed, and he planned to make the most of it even on the couch. Naturally, Paddy was ready for him.

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