keeping them together

"What if they move?" Kelsy didn't want to think about it, but Simon could take their son away. He was still a babe. Of course, he was moving about. Almost walking, in fact.

She was getting breakfast out of the way and Colin was still helping her. She had plans to go back to teaching now. Since she had an able body at home to take care of the babes, but of course, she kept putting it off. Finally, it was now or never.

"Well, don't talk about it, and be a sweet as you can be." Colin went to change a nappy.

"God, I just can't stand, Paddy. I wish I could, but I don't." Kelsy fretted.

"Let Paddy get to know Sid, will you. You have to. You knew it would come down to this sooner or later. And Nancy, well she could be left with the other teacher's kiddies." Colin suggested.

"Why should I? They are siblings. They should be together in everything." Kelsey tensed.

"Luv, please, you have to. Its your only choice. Sometimes, you have to keep a family together, by pulling them apart. Just try to make Paddy feel part of the family here." Colin told her.

Kelsy squinted. She knew it was hard. Yet, this was happening too quickly. It was hard to share her children with anyone.


Ailee Verzosa said...

blog hopping here... have a great week!!!

"When I look at you, I see forgiveness, I see the truth.
You love me for who I am, Like the stars hold the moon
Right there where they belong and I know, I’m not alone."

ivy said...

can't go for that.

Meg said...

I don't blame Kelsey for wanting to keep them together.

meg said...

Lets hope it won't go bad.

Syed (dapper kid) said...

Yikes, well I can understand how she feels. And I think she should think about getting back into some sense of work, would be a good break for her away from everyone.

ayşegül said...

forget her :Pp
love you.xoxo

degrassi after hours said...

I want more!!

a jacob black tale said...

more please!!!

maxxie n tony said...

I wonder how Ste is doing?????