maybe its not what you do

Lyle was expecting Gemma to be much more excited these days.

"Is it me?" He asked his mother Neve.

"Don't think so." Naturally, she was making herself quite at home at Cecil's. She didn't seem tired at all to be pregnant with his little one. She was cleaning the place up and creating storage. It was almost annoying to Lyle.

"Then what is it?" It had to be something.

"She's frightened of the future. Once she has a little faith in herself, she'll be all right." Neve shrugged as she was working on making pickles at the moment. She'd already raided Kelsy garden and made blackberry and raspberry jam for most of the neighborhood. Lyle swore she was only here to baby Cecil. He was a bit jealous of the two. Lovemaking all night, he reckoned.

"How long might that take?" All he had lately going for him was bartending at the Black Cat and worrying with the sound system in the basement.

"Don't worry so much? You never know, you might find that family you've been searching for." She eyed him then.

"What the fuck, you going on about, Mum?" Lyle squinted. He hated it when she talked in riddles.


Syed (dapper kid) said...

Mothers always have the best advice, but they sure do make you work hard for it!

meg said...

Hopefully, Lyle will be there for Gemma..no matter what.