never say never

Dr. Vargo kept looking at Ste as if he needed to fess up to something. At least Ste wasn't in a straight jacket now, nor a padded room. But he was sedated. He could barely look at the doctor now. It was a little unnerving, but Ste was too tired to care. He was part of the system now..now wasn't he? He had to obey or they'd up the meds. He just wondered how much more he could take before he was in a complete coma.

He stared at Vargo. He hadn't an inkling what his first name might be. Maybe it was Bob or Jeffery. Probably Godfry. Ste nursed his bottom lip. What he wouldn't give for a cigarette right now. A call home, perhaps.

"How are you feeling today?" Vargo started with the questions.

"Fine." Ste barely managed to say. Wasn't that what he wanted to hear? Ste stared at him like a mad dog. A part of him hated him so much. And yet another was dreaming of his lips touching Vargo's lips. Ripping his glasses off his face and having a good go of a make out session. Perhaps touching him places with lust and sex surfacing up inside him like a tainted infection. Ste almost smiled. Why did it give him such an energy he wanted so much to purge? But he couldn't.

"You don't have to lie to me." Vargo stared at him as if he were trying his best to get inside his head.

"What do you want to know! I bloody hate this place! I do." Ste spit out as if it were the truth that Vargo already knew.

"Ste, I only want to help you." Vargo was serious.

"Yeah, as if I seriously believe you....NOT!" Ste scowled.

"Look, if you want to get any better, you have to let me in. Please. Can you do that for me?"

Ste just gave him a sneer with a leer. Hell, no, he thought.


lucy and sarah said...

Yeah! an update!

ellie said...

Oh, that Ste, he just has to be wild.

meg said...

poor ste!

ivy said...

doesn't look promising.

ayşegül said...

ok ı'll never say :D

love you.xoxo

another skin said...

wow, how ste gets away.