one of those home recorded moments

Alfie could hardly believe his eyes, lately. Any day now Amy would have their baby.

She'd gotten on with someone only line who had discovered her illustrations. They'd hired her to do biology drawings from home. She faxed them in once a week. It was money. Plenty more than he was making. It was a big shock to the both of them that she could find work like that.

A part of him felt he was the gold digger now. Working down a the pub. Managing the music end of the establishment with Cecil. But it was a happening place this summer. A new band every night of the week. Kids shows in the afternoon. All age shows in the evening and Adult shows on weekends at midnight. He was a busy guy, but still he didn't feel quite as talented as Amy.

But he had nothing to complain about. Yet, he'd noticed a change in Newt and Billy. Much more quiet, he supposed. It was almost they were going their separate ways, lately. Newt was hitting the gym more and Billy...well, he was just Billy.

Naturally, Billy said everything was fine. He couldn't get much more out of him than that. Maybe it was because he was Newt's brother than he wouldn't exactly say what was troubling. But maybe it was nothing. The two were still together. And between the four of them, there was someone always home for the kiddies.

Yet they were having less and less family meals together, due to scheduling, he supposed.

"We really need to figure out where we can all eat together, at least once a week. Sunday's you think?" He suggested to everyone once he saw them in the kitchen together.

"How about right now?" Newt just smiled as if there was no time to schedule anything.

"Good enough for me." Amy waddled to the fridge to see what was to eat. Of course, as soon as she cracked the door open, Alfie was sure there a big spill. Only it wasn't. Just that Amy's water broke. She gave him a stressed look.

"Well?" Alfie looked to Newt, who helped him get her to the sofa. Once Newt got her track pants slipped off he checked to see the progress.

"JESUS, Amy! How long you been having contractions?" Newt winced.

"Dunno." She looked quite innocent about the matter.

"The kiddie's already crowning." Newt told her.

Alfie sighed. Nothing like having a birthing to keep the family together. Billy went to take Leia and Liam upstairs. Not everyone needed to see this.


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How exciting!

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I always wanted to do illustration work from home when I was younger, sounds so fun.

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Yeah, glad she had the baby.

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