In a bad way

"Christ! You can't let this ruin you, you know." Gemma didn't know what else to say to Lyle about this new information about a sister. "Did you say anything?"

He was moping about. Wouldn't eat dinner. He'd turned in early and was being a baby, she assumed. All bruding and what not. A real fucking Heathcliff ..withering his heights, she'd decided.

"No." He was all pouty and hugging himself like he had no one.

"Babes, don't be so down." She touched his arms, but he wouldn't let her close. He wanted to be alone.

"Fine." Her eyes lit. A bit of her thought this might be the final straw. What would he be once she told him this baby wasn't his. She didn't know who's baby it was, but it was definitely not his. "Brude all you want. OK. Just don't make yourself sick and forget where we're going in life." She grabbed her bag. She had to get out of here.

Before she knew it she was at Monty and Fletch's.

"Christ, you could have called." Monty was high on something. Fletch really wasn't much better. They were conformers after all of their rock'n roll lifestyle. She didn't know what to say to either of them. She was so far away from that world now.

Of course, Fletch had to give her a tummy rub which she didn't take to kind too.

"Woo, look at you, all fat!" He laughed with a big goofy grin.

"Ha, no thanks to either of you." She swelled a scowl as she looked at both of them. Did it really matter who's it was? They were both slacking potheads.  She hugged herself then. Look what became of them. Idiots. Drugs. The two of them were just amazingly fucked in pure ganja bliss. She was fucked, too. Evidently. "Look, you fucks, I have only one thing to say to you." She'd decided this might be for  the best.

"What?" Monty left out a big cloud of smoke from the bong.

"I'm leaving." She didn't know what else to do. "I'm leaving Hollyoaks." Suddenly, she was all alone. Wasn't she? Nothing was what it seemed. She guessed. It was an awful moment. But it was time to make her exit. She was screwed.


ellie said...

Why does Gemma have to be this way???

ivy said...

There would be a problem.

meg said...

Gemma's definitely in a miserable spot.

ellie said...

I dunno. I think she should stick with Lyle.