no rose colored glass

Lyle was with his Mom at the hospital. Her dear sweet husband Cecil was too busy to be there with her every week. Since his mom was past 45, she had a high risk pregnancy. Of course, everything was looking lovely. But still she went in for weekly stressed test.

They past by the baby ward. His mother couldn't get enough babies. Just then, she looked in at a family gathered around a blond girl. She stopped.

"What is it?" Lyle winced.

"Nothing." She clammed up.

"Don't give me that. You know her." Lyle looked his mother over. She looked as if she'd seen a ghost.

"Possibly." Neve sighed. "I knew her father."

"And?" Lyle glared as if this was probably a lot more important than she wanted him to know.

She nursed her bottom lip.

"What is it?" Lyle squinted.

"She's your sister." Neve finally spilled as if she might go unconscious. But she didn't.

"My sister? When were you gonna fuck'n tell me, mum?" Lyle scowled.

"Never." Neve looked sad.

"Jesus." Lyle turned down the hall, but then he wanted to take another look at the young mother. "Who is she?"

"Amy. Amy Barnes."

"And I'm a Barnes too?"

She nodded.

What was he suppose to do now? Go and introduce himself?


molly said...

what a shock!

ellie said...

oh, boy. I can't believe it.

E.L. said...

Now she tells him.

ori said...

wow, I had no idea.