it'll be fine

"What does this mean exactly?" Alfie cornered Newt in the kitchen. At least Amy and the baby were home. They still hadn't decided on a name for her.

"Look, you've got your own troubles." Newt managed to smile as he went to start dinner. "Get that lass of yours a name."

"Look, Newt, you and Billy aren't finished, are you?" Alfie was serious. "You still together, right?"

"Dunno." Newt turned from Alfie and reached for a mac and cheese dinner in the cabinet.

"Shit, hasn't been that many months since you two said your I DOs. What happened?" Alfie wanted to know.

"Its nothing. Really." Newt winced. He didn't want to say it was all his fault, but he bloody well knew it was. "We're fine, all right." Newt wasn't even thinking of salvaging it. They were going their own ways. Didn't mean any less that they were a couple. They had children together. Billy would always be family.

"I want you to be happy, dear brother." Alfie put his hands on Newt's shoulder.

"I am. really." Newt looked him in the eye. Of course, Newt wasn't certain exactly who's reality he was speaking up. Maybe he liked things the way they weren't with Randy.


holly O said...

I think Alfie is so caring. I'd be stunned with the news too.

ellie said...

Newt must be a tad lost without Billy.

meg said...

I love these guys so much. It must be a time of mixed feelings for him.

claarax. said...


E.L. said...

Newt..he's a caring guy.