a question or two

"I'm aware, I took you two from something." Gemma didn't dare ask if the two had spoken to Lyle.

"No, you didn't sis." Rupert took her hands and pulled her toward the sea and sand. It was such a nasty overcast. How could they enjoy this time?

"But you brought him?" Gemma tensed.

"He drove. I don't drive. We can go home when you want. We can all go home." Rupert held on to her hand. Soren was off down the shore looking for treasures.

"I dunno what to do. Honestly, I don't." She looked into her brother's still eyes. He was listening. "I can't give this baby to either Fletch or -" She squinted hard, shaking her head. "I can't. They are such imbeciles. What I want is..is could the two of you raise the baby?"

"What?" It was as if Rupert was finally awake and listening to what was really wrong. "Are you serious?"

"Yes." Gemma gritted. "Would you?"

"We live in a boarding house, Gemma." Rupert cracked up.

"I live with my husband over an old record shop. Its not any better. The rooms are small, and his mother's a kitchen witch." Gemma reminded him.

"Is it really what you want?" Rupert asked.

"Only if you would be all right with it." Gemma sucked in a breath.

The waves were being so choppy now. And suddenly Gemma felt her legs bolt. Honestly, she was certain the baby was coming. "Please, Rupert, Please..help me?"

Rupert turned to Soren. It was time to go to the hospital.


ellie said...

Oh boy, just don't know if keeping this from Lyle is the right thing to do.

ori said...

I think they'll make great dads.

DFF said...

won't this be something.