what to do

"What should I do?" Lyle felt he was in a fix. He'd been helping out with more shifts down at the Black Cat than he wanted. He knew Gemma was upset with him, but he just suspected she'd go to her sister's Kelsey, but her sister hadn't seen her.

"She's a fickle thing, you know." Kelsey informed while he was pouring up Lagers for the evening crowd. "I'm sure she's fine."

"But she won't even  return my messages." Lyle glared at Kelsey who looked more like a gypsy these days than a music teacher. "I'm worried. Can you please try to see if someone knows something. I want to call the coppers."

"Oh, don't. I'll track her down. One way or another." Kelsey promised. "Besides, we need you here. The cook is on holiday. The hubby is short-handed everywhere."

Lyle's smile was more of a smirk. He felt he was someones slaves at these prices.

"Why don't you put us on a show, boy." Some old man whistled at him.

"Why the fuck should I?' Lyle yelled back.

"You want to make some extra cash?" Someone else said.

"What you got in mind?" Lyle wince.

"A strip tease, why not!" An old woman promised she'd watch. So would some of the younger ones.

Lyle jumped on the bar then. He hoped he got more than change in their pockets if he did this.


meg said...

poor lyle! A stripper!

ellie said...

I feel bad for him.

meg said...

Goodness, what next?

Em [the writer] said...

It's kind of a melancholy feeling, the ending.

DFF said...

Oh, Lyle, hope she comes back to him.