how its done

"Whats really on your mind, Lyle?" Paddy had nothing else better to do. He knew the bloke was down. He thought he might help him get ready for another night at the Black Cat.

"Well, if my luv would ever get back, then I might get this settled with my sister, I never knew." Lyle shrugged.

"Sister?" Paddy was intrigued. "She's here in Hollyoaks?"

Lyle nodded as he wiped down the bar once more. He was quite a neat freak, or at least Paddy suspected. He went to check for the beer nuts. Really, people wanted a good nut instead of that American processed crap they called cheese on chips.

"Aren't you excited?" Paddy smiled.

"Don't want to get my hopes up, I suppose." Lyle looked back at him.

"I see." Lyle put the nuts in bowls on the counter. "Well, you have to take the first step. Cause, evidently, she doesn't know. Just introduce yourself."

"Thats where I was need'n Gemma to be with me." Lyle nursed his bottom lip. "You know, for support."

"Support." Paddy nodded as if he'd heard of it. "And this is the thanks you get? Gemma going on holiday?"

"We are a bit tight for space over at me Mum's." Lyle thought that could be it.

"You two should move in here." Paddy suggested. In fact he told him he'd ask about it right now. "That's whay you two need. You're own space."

Lyle slightly smiled as if he hadn't thought of that.


ayşegül said...

"Lyle slightly smiled as if he hadn't thought of that."

yes, yes it is the best resault :Pp

love y..:))

ellie said...

Oh, hmm..Paddy gonna make the moves on him???