it takes 2

Lyle felt as if Gem loved him more now. She kept wanting him near her now.

"You sure you aren't coming down with something?" He thought she might be sick. She'd lost weight. Someone having a baby wasn't suppose to lose weight, was she?

"No, no of course not." But she couldn't get enough of him. It was sort of like a new honeymoon. He supposed. Although, not with that much sex. Yet, she was loving just the same. And he was happy she was back.

"You really thing helping out at the Black Cat is the best for our financial needs?" Gemma brought to his attention.

"What do you mean?" As if he had any cash to start a business.

"Really, is Cecil doing anything in his record shop these days?"  Gemma asked.

"You know, he's got his recordings going on. Busy with the local scene." He told her.

"What if we have a boutique? Consignments to start with. And, and T-shirts." Gemma offered.

"We talking a hodge-podge, are we?" He winced wishing they'd go back to kissing and cuddling.

"Perhaps. I really think we could sell items, folks want. Cool rock'n roll T-shirts for kiddies." Gemma smiled.

'It might work." He so wanted things to work out for them. If it meant starting a shop, he was for it.


meg said...

I'm glad she's back.

ellie said...

cool idea.

ayşegül said...

she ısn't late,ıt'good :P
love you..:))

Keith said...

I like the idea of a shop.

DFF said...

It sounds like a good start.

Keith said...

I really wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog about Colin and Nicholas. I'm such a fan of both of them. I loved A Single Man. It's one of my favorite films of recent memory.