just believe

Newt knew somebody had to be there for Randy. He'd made the calls needed and what he couldn't get done for Franny's wake, Jamie took care of the rest.

After all, there was the baby girl to take care of. She was sweet and looked as fare as both Randy and Franny.

"You thought of a name yet?" Newt helped him with the infant when Randy got back to the flat with her. It was so empty now. Just full of Franny's things.

"I can only think of one name, but she's gone." Randy could barely sputter. He looked as if he had a horrible cold.

"I think she'd love it, you to name her after her mother." Newt tried to smile.

"Frannie. Just Frannie. Baby Frannie." Randy was a bit stiff and did his best not to show emotion, but that was all he had.

Newt took the baby and put her in her crib. He came back to Randy. Finally, Randy let go and had a good cry. All Newt could do was to hold him.

"I never thought it would come to this." Randy could barely whispered. Newt got him to bed then. They were fully clothed. Randy had his back to him but was still wrapped up in Newt's warm. He was so sad. Newt rested his face against Randy's back.

"Its not your fault. It isn't." Newt told him, but Randy didn't answer. He laid there hemorrhaging in tears that came in waves. But Newt didn't let go. Finally they kissed. Newt's hands came around Randy's face. He touched his abs. Kissed his neck more. Newt wasn't leaving Randy now.


ellie said...

Since Billy has left..he does need someone.

E.L. said...

So sad for Randy.

meg said...

So so sad..but I'm glad he's there for Randy.

ayşegül said...

randy poor boy, he needs me :Pp

good sunday..:))