the long way home

Gemma couldn't stop crying. She knew she had to get her act together soon enough. She had to remember that the baby was safe now and there was another on the way. This one was Lyle's.  Everything would be all right. She had to believe that.

Now she thought of her own mother and how she must have felt with she was born. Why had she gotten her life so complicated? Honestly, she love Lyle. She did want to be his wife. She wanted to make things work in Hollyoaks.

She then wondered if he'd met his sister yet. Amy. She knew she hadn't been sweet and loving as a wife should be. Gemma knew she had a lot make up to him.

She found her way to the train station. Really, she felt so lost now. If only she could have held Crystal a little longer. She yearned to see her baby girl again. But still she wanted to believe she'd done the right thing. Giving the child to Rupert and Soren. After all, she would be Crystal's aunt, but a sad feeling swept over her as she found her seat. Her body still ached from the child birth. Yet, one was alive and kicking inside her.

The doctors were in shock over the discover. She was afraid they were going to put all this information in a physician's journal. Really, she just wanted to be left alone. She wanted to find Lyle. Really, she did love him. She was sure if it now. Gemma knew what love was.

She got out her mobile then and rang him.

"Hullo." He said after the first ring. "Where ya been?" He knew it was her.

"Just some time alone. Sorry I was-was so selfish." She bit back tears. "But I'm coming home and I hope you see your sister, soon."

"Do you know how furious I'm with you?" Lyle snapped. "If-if you weren't in this condition, I'd-I'd...just..just get home. Please." Then she heard him say that he loved her. Gemma smiled then. It was worth it to hear those words. "I love you too." She told him and meant every word.


ellie said...

I feel so bad for her. Glad she called home.

meg said...

I'm glad she called him, but still she needs to come clean.

lucy and sarah said...

I feel really sad for her. I wish she wouldn't keep secrets from him.

ayşegül said...

she needs to be an inteligant girl :P
she would have to call him imidiately
nowww :D