more than quaint

"Nico can go too." They were out to trick or treat. Newt promised Leia. It seemed as if the kiddies were getting along fabulously at Randy's. It made Newt believe he could find bliss after Billy.

He hadn't heard from him in ages. Billy was a hit in Japan. He was a complete Rock and Roller now. Of course, there was a sad feeling inside him too. He wished he and Billy had never gotten married on such a whim. What was wrong with them? Really? All right. It wasn't exactly real in the books. Exactly. Yet, Newt had taken the vows so seriously, until recently. Until..until it came to be with Randy.

And it was everything he needed.

Sure, Randy didn't want to believe it, at first. But they just couldn't get enough of each other. It was an odd situation. Newt knew Randy had loved Franny, but he knew Randy needed him too. And things could be whole again, if they were in this together.

Randy was in the kitchen now. He had the baby in a contraption, next to him. Snug as a bug, and oh so content. He was cleaning up.

'You sure you want to do this, by yourself?" Randy told him the kids could just stay home. It was cold. They could put on a video. It would be enough.

"Its tradition." Newt put on his eye patch. He was going as a pirate this year and Leia was his princess. Nico was dressed like Spiderman. "We won't be long. Really. Just around the block, you know." Newt sneaked a kiss from Randy then. They could be happy. All of them. He knew this. He just had to wait and let Randy see that.

Randy was like night and day. Sometimes. He was this by the book Dad. Sad about losing his Franny. But then deep in the night when Newt was over. They touched and kissed and pacified each other as if it were just the two of themselves in this world. No one else. No kiddies to care for. Just each other. That was the Randy, Newt wanted all the time.

But Newt remained hopeful. He'd be the dad Leia and Liam wanted, the brother his own brother needed and the very best mate he could be for Randy...and of course, his lover.


ayşegül said...

happy halloween...good sunday..:))

meg said...

I like that he's a pirate and she's the princess. Sweet!

holly O said...

so love that part. Happy Halloween! Newt's a great dad!

another skin said...

I think he needs to be there for Randy. Too bad things didn't work out with Billy. Didn't they get married..last halloween???

simon and josh said...

Yeah, you are so right..they've been married a year..now separated.