new family matters

Colin was in total shock when he found out Soren was a father.

"You and Rupert, raising a kiddie?" He was thrilled. "Kelsy, will just shit, when she finds out you two have been hiding this from her." Colin had Soren cornered in the kitchen down at the Black Cat.

"Really, it just..came up. I didn't know. Actually. It was a surprise for me too, but Rupert just can't get enough of our little Chrissy." Soren gave him an open grin.

"I thought it was your baby?" Colin gave him a serious glare.

"Oh. Right. Of course, its just he has more motherly instincts than I do." Soren's smile got small.

"I'm glad you two are getting along. Really, you two are the sweetest. Can't think of anyone else I'm glad to see it happen too. So you two are on the same page. No hard feelings?"

"No."  Saren's eyes widen as she just looked at Colin.

"I'm really proud of you mate." Colin put his arm around him. They weren't just cousins. Soren had been a great help to him here to run the food part of the pub. "You need some time off, you know, with the little one?"

"Yeah, I guess." Soren looked surprised. After all, Colin had been working him as much as possible.

"Then a few days off, all right." Colin smiled.

Soren grinned as if he loved that idea.


ayşegül said...

colin is realy seems cool :D
good weekend..:))

better days said...

I do wonder what his wife will think when she finds out about this.

nick and heath said...

Soren'll have a great Halloween for sure.

ellie said...

Soren's getting all the luck, lately.