now what???

Breaking this off with Fang was much harder than Josh ever anticipated. How could he give up someone so amazingly fit like him. Smart. Money. He was everything Josh needed. Wanted. It was nice to be kept. On the other hand, he felt he'd been Ste's keeper. Always having to make sure the lad never got in trouble. As it was Ste was in the slammer. Or was it rehab? Honestly, Josh wasn't sure. They'd lost contact. He'd sent letters. He'd tried. But nothing. It was not like Ste had ever been his lover, and he soon wasn't worried about him thanks to Fang.

Still Josh felt in the wrong. OK, the guilt came and went. He'd go in bouts. Yes, make a clean break. Say he was done with their fling. He could hardly call it a relationship with Fang. On again. Off again. It had just about got the best of his stomach ulcer.

Finally, he landed in the emergency. Yes, he was too old for this shit..or it would just make him old in the making. But before Josh could make a clean break with good old Fang, well, Fang's cousins came for a visit, Slash and Nicky. Twins.

Josh couldn't believe his luck. Damn if they didn't look an awful lot like Fang and they were footballers. Josh thought he might pass out. How could it be? Was it luck or a curse?


ivy said...

His lucky day.

ellie said...

They are truly cool..I wonder what Josh will do.

cass and cady said...

isn't this exciting. I hope he hits it off with at least one of them.

better days said...

Wow. that's all I can say..WOW.

Laura Tenshi said...

This is the typical after relationship behavior. Completely ignore your ex partner like it never happened.