come what may

It had to be all a party.

Did Josh even have a job?

Well, the drinking was fuck'n great with Slash and Nicky. They'd started long before Halloween, meeting at the pub, getting stinking drunk. Playful fighting matches. And one of them had kissed him. Hadn't they?

Josh, couldn't think it could be a figment of his imagination. Just some fun. Really. It was great. He thought. Although, it was a bit of a blur. And since they didn't know anyone in the village. Just more fun with him.

"What does this mean, Josh? We're finished?" Fang found him on the floor of the Black Cat on Halloween night.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so." Wrong choice of words, Josh suspected.

Fang laid into him a couple of punches. Left him with a few broken ribs. Now he was black and blue and no one to see to him back at the flat.

He felt disgusting horrible now. What kind idiot was he? He felt so cold. He could barely have his dinner through a straw now. Of course, he hadn't said who had done this. It was just something he hoped to forget about. Maybe getting mixed up with Fang's family was not the thing to do. It felt like a rotten shit now. Yes, he guess he was prick. Through and through.

No one to blame but himself. He hadn't really wanted to be loved. Just fucked. There was a difference, he was beginning to see. And he hadn't really had anything that good in his life since Simon had left. If only he'd come around now. But he had a family with that Paddy now. Sharing a child with Kelsy. It was all disgusting, delightful.

As it was, he was at the bottom of the barrel. Just himself to blame. But which one had taken a like'n to him? It was just a faded dream. If only he knew? Was it Nicky who wanted him so badly, or Slash?


ellie said...

Josh just gets worse.

ayşegül said...

you win an award, visit me :D
love y ..:))

autumn said...

I've been missing a lot. I miss your characters as well. :D

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